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founded and created by – D.N. Chadha

Keep On Tweeting but also Make a Real Difference in Life!


D.N. Chadha arrived in the U.S. in 1970 with only one suitcase and $600 in his pocket. He spent $500 obtaining a driver’s license and worked his way up to a pharmaceutical sales job eventually employed by companies like Johnson & Johnson, Alza Pharmaceuticals, Organon Inc., and King Pharmaceuticals.

Now Chadha is using the Internet as a powerful tool to help people share their knowledge, expertise and experiences in addition to share photos and videos with their friends and family. His innovative and interactive Social Networking Website, helps people to make a real difference in life. aims to offer people the chance to voice their opinions and share their knowledge on diverse topics that can create a difference and change lives such as:

  • Jobs and Professional
  • Money and Politics
  • Medicine and Health
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Relationships and Art
  • Science and Technology
  • Education and Travel
  • Globalization
  • Energy and environment
  • Happiness and Spirituality
  • Energy and Environment
  • Liberty and Freedom

This interactive, innovative and distinctive social networking site also allows people to upload videos and pictures or events, and share their challenges and success stories.

“The American Dream is still alive and well if you choose to chase it,” says Chadha. “I wanted to give back to the country that helped me to become so successful. I want to give other Americans a chance to share their incredible life stories with the world.”

Chadha’s biggest accomplishments in life are his two daughters who have been given the chance to succeed because of their hard work and determination. Like most U.S. immigrants, Chadha’s main goal was to create a better life for his children, and that is exactly what he did. Now everyone can participate in creating a better life for the children of the world by sharing their successes and failures on WhateverMark.

D.N. Chadha landed in the US as an immigrant in 1970 with a suitcase and $600 dollars and went from working at a department store to becoming a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Within 5 years he had bought his first home. As the Regional Sales Director at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical company and Co-Director of Sales at Lyphomed, D.N Chadha has successfully built and managed a sales force of over 200 sales representatives and has achieved corporate sales in excess of $150 Million.

 Chadha is also the author of the book TouchdownEight Key Factors to Score Touchdowns in Selling. He is currently writing a non-fiction memoir and immigrant success story titled Suitcase. Suitcase is the true and inspiring success story of an ordinary man who landed in the United States of America with only a suitcase…. and some extraordinary dreams.

 D.N.Chadha achieved another milestone due to his passion for social work and politics. Chadha was elected President of India Association of Greater Boston in 1984. Chadha invited Congressman Barney Frank as Chief Guest during India Independence Day on August 15, 1984.

Governor Mike Dukakis signed a proclamation declaring January 26 as India Republic Day.

Chadha supported the campaigns for Governor Deval Patrick and President Obama.

 His innovative new website is a social media networking site that aims to give social networking a more meaningful existence. It can and should be accessed by people of all ages who would like to share knowledge, expertise, challenges, and success stories with the world in addition to sharing photos and videos with their friends and family.

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