My Life at Glance

How to Achieve Success in Work and Life
Following 8 essential Elements and Secrets

A Memoir

The true immigrant Success Story of an ordinary man who landed in the United States of America with only a Suitcase… and some extraordinary dreams.

D.N.Chadha, MA, BA (Honors)


I dedicate this book to my fellow immigrants, who had the vision and courage to cross the Ocean with only one suitcase. By sheer urgency, passion, and ambition, they were determined to Make It Happen in their chosen land if they failed; they got back on their feet, again and again…until they succeeded.
They removed roadblocks, achieved milestones and found ultimate success in their lives. They contributed to society and to the U.S. economy as a whole. They became distinguished scientists, politicians, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. They worked diligently as nurses, teachers, and laborers. They worked in restaurants, owned farms and developed businesses. They adapted to a new culture and system and assimilated into “the melting pot” of the American mainstream.
Suitcase – each chapter takes the reader through my journey from Survival to Success by achieving milestones and executing eight essential elements of success These eight elements are the keys to success and are also the cornerstone of this book.: Seize the opportunity, Adapt to Change, Measure Milestones, Express drive and Ambition, Build Success Step by Step, Beat the Odds – Turn Failures to Success, Be Tenacious.. At the end of each chapter, there are key action check-points leading to success with motivational messages to help the readers to apply these elements to their lives and work.
I wrote Suitcase for a specific purpose. The eight elements I use throughout the book are the core to Success in these challenging times of economic downturn. If you have gone through the anguish of lay-offs, downsizing and job cuts, my story resembles yours in the whole range of experiences which might have come your way. I will also show you how to beat the odds, so that you can survive and succeed, basing that success on sound principles of work, self, hard work, persistence and others.
Suitcase’s target audience includes millions of people from all walks of life who want to succeed. In this book I show that The American Dream is still very much alive. Everyone can achieve The American Dream, if you want to chase it. My Success Story is true and inspiring, which is evidence that You Can Make a Success in the United States, even if you arrive with only a suitcase. At this time, Americans need a book which is positive, motivational and inspiring… Suitcase is a sign of the times and it will satisfy and address this need to a great extent.
When you become a citizen of a foreign land, you assume a dual role: assimilation to the way of life in your adopted country and an allegiance to the culture and traditions of your country of origin. So, reader, you will find my American story interwoven with the color and vibrancy of Indian customs, traditions, and celebrations.
Suitcase is a true and inspiring immigrant success story based on an ordinary man, who landed in the United States of America with only a suitcase and some extraordinary dreams.
Enjoy the ride!


Eight Elements to Success

1. Seize the Opportunity
2. Adapt to Change
3. Measure Milestones
4. Express Drive and Ambition
5. Build Success –Step by Step
6. Beat the odds –Turn Failure to Success
7. Be Tenacious -A 12 Step Approach to Landing Jobs
8. Chase the American Dream –Root Dreams in Realty
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